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Hong Kong | Jooyoung 2024 World Tour 
Date: 28 May 2024
City: Hong Kong, China
Venue: Soho House

Ticket prices: HKD 580 / 680 / 1,680 (VIP with 1:1 Meet & Greet) + fees

VIP ticket includes: 

⚪ Exclusive Meet & Greet Event / VIP (1:1) photo session with Jooyoung.

⚪ VIP ticket with the earliest entry time (before General and Priority tickets). 

⚪ 1*Exclusive Pre-signed photo card. 

Admission Times (subject to change): 

18:00 doors for VIP tickets

18:15 Meet & Greet Event / Photo Session starts 

19:00 doors for Priority (Early Entry) tickets

19:20 doors for General tickets

20:00 show starts

Jooyoung, the renowned Korean R&B artist and music producer, is embarking on his inaugural solo world tour, showcasing his latest full-length album "Sphere." With his velvety voice harmonizing with dreamy, slow-paced melodies, he has captivated audiences with his soulful music. Collaborations with leading Korean artists such as SISTAR member Hyolyn, the talented Heize, and popular hip-hop artists Beenzino and pH-1 have further amplified his fame and cultivated a loyal fanbase.
Making his debut in 2010 with the single "Same As You," Jooyoung swiftly garnered acclaim for his unique vocals and distinctive style. His 2012 EP "From Me To You" highlighted his exceptional R&B vocals and heartfelt renditions of poignant melodies. The 2018 EP "Fountain" reinforced his stature as a gifted singer-songwriter. His duet with R&B songstress SOLE on "First" radiates freshness and romance, while his collaboration with hip-hop artist pH-1 on "Planet Girl" serves as an exhilarating climax to the EP, underscoring Jooyoung's vocal versatility. In addition to his extraordinary vocal prowess, Jooyoung showcases remarkable skills in songwriting and production, evidenced by his contributions to collaborations with K-pop luminaries like MOONBIN & SANHA and MONSTA X.
Don't miss the opportunity to experience Jooyoung's innovative Korean R&B style during his inaugural solo world tour. Join us in celebrating this rising star as he captivates audiences across Asia!

Jooyoung background.png
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