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2023 WOODZ WORLD TOUR ‘OO-LI and’ in Paris
🔴 Date: 28 November 2023
🔴 City: Paris, France
🔴 Venue: Salle Pleyel

🔴 Ticket prices: EUR 75 / 95 / 115 / 195 (VIP) + fees


A VIP UPGRADE is a separate ticket that ‘upgrades’ a DEBOUT / STANDING ticket to VIP. Customers should only consider purchasing a VIP UPGRADE ticket after purchasing a DEBOUT / STANDING ticket as the VIP UPGRADE ticket is only valid when presented with a valid DEBOUT / STANDING ticket, it is not valid on its own nor paired with any other ticket types. Both VIP UPGRADE and DBOUT / STANDING tickets must be presented upon entering the venue for the VIP sessions, failure to present both tickets will lead to refusal of entry.

VIP ticket includes: 

✅ Exclusive access to VIP Meet & Greet Event / photo session with WOODZ in groups of 10. 

✅ Exclusive access to VIP Soundcheck / Show Rehearsal.
✅ Exclusive access to VIP Goodbye / Send-Off session. 
✅ 1*Autographed Poster

✅ Earliest entry time before all ticket types.

✅ VIP photos with WOODZ will be uploaded and a discrete download link will be emailed to all VIP ticket holders (via the same email address used at the time of ticket purchase). Phones and cameras are strictly prohibited at the Meet & Greet Event. 

Barricades may not be placed between upgraded DEBOUT / STANDING (VIP) and DEBOUT / STANDING tickets.

Admission Times (subject to change): 

17:40 doors for VIP tickets (Upgraded from Standing Ticket with VIP UPGRADE ticket)

18:00 VIP Meet & Greet Event / Photo Session starts
18:40 VIP Soundcheck / Show Rehearsal starts 

19:00 doors for Priority / Early Entry tickets (if applicable)

19:20 doors for all other ticket types.

20:00 show starts 
22:00 VIP Goodbye / Send-Off and Autographed Poster Collection


WOODZ, an artist who is not defined by any music genres, styles and personas. Romantic, powerful, rock 'n' roll, sweet, electric are some of the words one may use to describe his music. He is a fighter, a lover, a survivor, a storyteller, he is truly an artist with many talents. Countless chart-topping singles such as “Love Me Harder”, “FEEL LIKE” and most recently 5th Mini Album 'OO-LI' have all received wide-spread critical acclaim.

WOODZ's journey to stardom is nothing short of legendary, his story resonates and inspires people from all walks of life. He first stole the spotlight when he fearlessly stepped onto the stage of "SHOW ME THE MONEY 5," showcasing his unparalleled rap skills and magnetic stage presence. Fast forward to "Produce X 101," where he triumphed as the ultimate survivor, solidifying his status as a multifaceted entertainer. With five mesmerizing mini albums under his belt, each a unique masterpiece, he continues to push the boundaries of creativity and musical innovation.


In the month of November 2023, WOODZ is finally embarking on his first ever tour in Europe. We welcome everyone to be part of this adventure where we celebrate music, art and life!


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