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英国伦敦  | 马思维 2023 世界巡回  |  巡演收官站
London | MASIWEI 2023 WORLD TOUR  |  The Grand Finale
10月2日英国当地时间中午12点整 / 北京时间晚上7点整,门票开售!

🔥 日期 Date: 10月22日 22 Oct 2023 (Sun) 
🔥 城市 City: 英国伦敦 London, UK 
🔥 场地 Venue: Troxy

🔥 票价 Ticket prices: 英镑 GBP 78 / 98 / 188 / 238 / 388 (VIP with Meet & Greet) + fees

VIP 票总包含 VIP ticket includes: 

✅ 独家粉丝见面合影会 / 与马思维本人一对一合影

✅ Exclusive Meet & Greet Event / VIP photo session with Masiwei (1:1 photo)

✅ 最早进场时段

✅ Earliest entry time (before all ticket tiers). 

演出当天时间表 (可变动) Admission Times (subject to change): 

18:00 VIP 票总进场 | doors for VIP tickets

18:15 粉丝见面合影会开始 | Meet & Greet Event / Photo Session starts 

19:00 Priority (Early Entry) 票总进场 | doors for Priority (Early Entry) tickets

19:20 General 票总进场 | doors for General tickets

20:00 演出开始 | show starts 

马思唯终于要在伦敦开启他2023年世界巡回演出的最终站啦!被纽约时报赞誉为“中国Hip-Hop界突破性明星说唱组合 - Higher Brothers“ 的团队领袖,中国说唱代表人物之一 。他在微博上有超过220万粉丝,抖音也有180万粉丝。再加上他的音乐在各大音乐平台上已经有超过5亿次的播放量。
- 马思唯从21岁出道至今,早年发布了4张高水准个人Mixtape《P.E.I VOL.1》、《 P.E.I VOL.2》、《 P.E.I VOL.3》《AFewGoodKids》,1张Higher Brothers mixtape 《Higher Brothers》,2张团队正式专辑《Black Cab》、《Five Stars》,并凭借”Made in China”, “WeChat” 等数首单曲屡次在全球范围掀起狂潮,全球试听超过2亿5千万次:从2017年与团队Higher Brothers发布首张正式专辑《Black Cab》开始,国内外巡演“座无虚席”;其中与KnowKnow合作的单曲“Lover Boy 88” 更是成为现象级夏日恋爱金曲;再到《Five Stars》专辑中与优秀Hip-hop音乐人们的合作包括Schoolboy Q,Denzel Curry,Soulja Boy,J.I.D等;2019年与Snoop Dogg合作发布单曲“Friends and Foes”,成为首个与欧美rapper共同为美剧打造主题曲的中国rapper,2020年,他还发布了超火的个人专辑《Prince Charming》,还在CMA2021获得了最佳说唱专辑奖。


2021年,他再次火爆发行了第二张个人专辑《Dark House》,不仅如此,2022年还接连发布了第三张个人专辑《Humble Swag》、《Humble Swag GT Mixtape》和《Very Special Odd Person Mixtape》。马思唯正用一个又一个的作品向世人展示真正Made In China的顶级Hip-hop音乐,更是帮助Higher Brothers一举摘得网易云2018年度最佳说唱团体。马思唯以音乐为马,和Higher Brothers作为中国说唱几乎唯一向西方乐坛输出的代表,走遍了全世界的各个角落。


Masiwei is finally making his way to London for the final stop of his sold out 2023 World Tour! As the leader of world-renowned record label 88rising's flagship hip-hop group Higher Brothers and a solo artist, Masiwei is one of the most recognised and celebrated names in the Chinese hip-hop scene with over 2.2 million following on Weibo and 1.8 million on TikTok. To date, his music has racked up well over 500 million views across multiple music streaming platforms. 


Since pursuing a solo career, he’s gone from strength to strength becoming the first Chinese rapper to create a theme song for an American drama with a European and American rapper. In 2020, he released a hit solo album “Prince Charming” and won the best rap album at CMA2021. Following the successful release of his second solo album, “Dark House” in 2021, Masiwei released the third studio album "Humble Swag", "Humble Swag GT Mixtape" & "Very Special Odd Person Mixtape" in 2022, and was awarded "Artist Of The Year" by NetEase. Masiwei has taken the globe by storm, using his work to show the world the real made in China hip-hop music.

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